| FAQs

Q. How long are the programmes

A. The modular programmes last an entire year to include the pre season, season and close season. In effect, to gain full benefits of the programmes remain using the modules throughout the year

Q. Are the fitness programmes safe and tested?

A. Our programmes are written by accredited strength and conditioning coaches, and are in accordance with industry guidelines.

Q. Will I lose weight on your nutritional programmes?

A. The training programmes and nutritional guidelines provided by TheTeamof3.com are not specifically designed for weight loss. The training programmes and nutritional guidelines are designed to assist with your training and officiating. Weight loss may occur as result of increased activity and improved eating habits.

Q. I have no experience of lifting free weights but wish to move to THEREFZONE.co.uk conditioning level that involves this; what do I do?

A. TheRefZone.co.uk recommends that anyone wishing to change their training level should first seek advice, guidance and instruction from an accredited professional qualified to instruct in such activity, before embarking on our conditioning programmes. Other information can be obtained from enquiries@theteamof3.com

Q. Can I move between the conditioning levels during the month?

A. Our self-assessment questionnaire allows you to select a training programme most appropriate for your training experience and normal exercise frequency. At the start of each month you will have the option to change your training frequency or training level.

Q. How do I move up to another level?

A. By further self-assessment at the start of each month. Using our fitness calculators you can monitor your fitness levels, which can assist in your decision to change your training level. Moving to a higher training level is dependent on technical ability and not exercise intensity; therefore the advanced programmes may include Olympic weightlifting, and advanced speed development training. If you are unsure as to your competency in these areas TheRefZone.co.uk strongly recommends you seek advice and coaching from an appropriately accredited strength and conditioning professional.

Q. What happens if I select the wrong training programme?

A. When you are in the members area, simply click on 'My Account' and click 'Re-Assess My Training Level' to select a more appropriate level.

Q. What discounts will I receive from affiliate partners as a member?

A. Members will receive a dedicated page with exclusive access codes to claim discounts and benefits from our partners.